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> > >Maybe if you're really that paranoid, you should lock your computer in the
> > >closet and never turn it on (let alone put it on a <gasp> network).
> >
> > You're missing a loophole here.  Someone could come to your house or
> > wherever the server is, use plastic explosives, blow the closest door/safe
>         Sheesh, you people just can't find all the loopholes. You
> completely forgot about the alians with thier nanoelectric robots. They
> will just infiltrate directly onto your hard drive, and from there they
> can magnetically alter the data written into the platter.
>         Your best bet is to totally destroy the computer after you make
> the object.But still it isn't completely safe. I mean really, with the
> time travelers, what is?
You're assuming that I'M not one of the aliens...<G>.

Also, I've got quantum mechanics on my side. See, as soon as I lock the computer 
in the closet, it is no longer being observed. Therefore, according to the 
Uncertainty Principle, the object is neither where I left it nor NOT where I left 
it, and has, in fact, ceased to exist for all practicle purposes. So, even if a 
nanobot were to fall into the closet (the occurance of which, incidentally, would 
make no sound), it wouldn't be able to FIND the object to move.

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