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Re: more questions

i for one like all this spam, moo-cows has been rather dull as of late.

i was excited to see a possible flame war erupting, but was pleasantly 
surprised at the result.  this is great stuff, if youre not careful tho, 
UPN will steal the rights to it, and you may see it in an episode of Voyager.
without due credit of course.

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On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Mitch Haile wrote:

> >Not only have you overdrawn your expense account for this mission, but
> >you're also
> >forgetting one very important thing. My girlfriend is the AOL user who
> >invented
> >the 'Good Times' virus, and before I locked up the machine with the
> >Object, she
> >gave me the source code, which I modified to infect MOO databases, and
> >move the
> >Object back to its rightful location. My last 5 postings have all carried this
> >'more questions' virus, and everyone who reads this mailing list,
> >especailly you,
> >is hopelessly infected.
> First of all, my name is Billy G.  I dont have/need an expense acct.
> Furthermore, my smtp server automatically removes the good times annd more
> questions, plus any similar appearing code, before passing it to a users'
> box. :P
> Not only that, but I've also psyched out everyone else on the list to blame
> you when they check their boxes tomorrow and find alla this spam :)
> Cheers in the over-hyped space of cyber,
> -wc/Mitch, possesion of Jill Jeanblanc.
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