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Re: more questions

>Not only have you overdrawn your expense account for this mission, but
>you're also
>forgetting one very important thing. My girlfriend is the AOL user who
>the 'Good Times' virus, and before I locked up the machine with the
>Object, she
>gave me the source code, which I modified to infect MOO databases, and
>move the
>Object back to its rightful location. My last 5 postings have all carried this
>'more questions' virus, and everyone who reads this mailing list,
>especailly you,
>is hopelessly infected.

First of all, my name is Billy G.  I dont have/need an expense acct.
Furthermore, my smtp server automatically removes the good times annd more
questions, plus any similar appearing code, before passing it to a users'
box. :P

Not only that, but I've also psyched out everyone else on the list to blame
you when they check their boxes tomorrow and find alla this spam :)

Cheers in the over-hyped space of cyber,
-wc/Mitch, possesion of Jill Jeanblanc.



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