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Re: $byte_quota_utils

   Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 09:23:01 PST
   From: Chris Williams <>

   Has anyone come up with a simpler, cleaner byte-based quota system than 
   that in the LambdaCore?

FYI there has been some simplification in the measurement task in the
most recent lambdacore.  Plus a little more documentation.  Though the
overall structure is the same.

   Is .object_size really nessecary anymore? And how much of the code on 
   $quota_utils is or could be now obsolete, with object_bytes()?

It depends.  If you have an object which is 18meg, you don't want to
use object_bytes() on it with any regularity.  Sure, for some bare
$thing it's no problem, but you get screwed to the wall with scheduler
discrimination if you measure large things.

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