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On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Patrick Alvin Somers wrote:

> PS: This isn't counting the millions of people who have just downloaded 
> the new lambdacore in hopes of building that one, 
> better-then-all-the-rest, Golden MOO. Trust me, I'm on of them. :)

As am I.  Mine is to be an RPG-MOO, complete with combat system, which
will require some form of 'registration as a PKer' before being allowed to
attack other NPC's and before other NPC's are allowed to attack them.  The
theme is Cyberpunk-genre, complete with a matrix and cybernetic implants.
(For info on the theme, see any work by William Gibson, or HardWired by
Walter Jon Williams.  Movies include Strange Days and Johny Mnemonic, as
well as some ideas from Total Recall)

I DLed the 1.8.0p5 server and the (then) latest db (the Dec 95 db).  I
found the info at to update the DB, so now all
works okay.  I've started building the city, and created weather that
changes in all outdoor rooms randomly once every 2 hours.  All that's
really left is the stat/skill/combat system (That should be a doozie) and
a matrix (another doozie) and some implants (Yet more doozies).

My question is, will I be better off scrapping the work I've done so far
and loading up the new DB, or are there any big changes?  Also, I'm
running under Linux kernel 2.0.27 on a DX4-120/16 megs/16 meg swap
partition.  Aside from needing more RAM (Like maybe 32 to 64 megs) would
this be sufficient for a MOO that has maybe 15 players logged in at once,
that includes a combat system (forked tasks like combat make hella lag)?

I've found that the only time I ever get any lag with Linux, regardless of
how many or how big of tasks I'm running, is when it has to fetch and
retrieve pages from swap.  Just for a point of reference..

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