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> question...
> Can i have a list of moo & mud active in the world, plz?
> And... do u know that ther is another one, in italy?
> it's adrs is:
> 7777

	The list of MOOs and MUDs is way to long to even try posting 
here, assuming you can find anybody who has a *complete* list. Also, the 
MOO/MUD commoonity is so numerous and prolific, that any list posted 
would be outdated within minutes. I, personally, am happy to hear that 
more MOOs are opening up over seas, but keeping track of them all would 
be a never ending, full-time job. 
	I know there are several listings of MOOs and MUDs on the web, but you 
are not going to find a complete one. Just start up a search engine and 
let it run. If, for some unknown reason, you can't find a list, a friend 
of mine set up one at I can't remember the exact URL, but 
what I have given you here should be more then enough to use.


PS: This isn't counting the millions of people who have just downloaded 
the new lambdacore in hopes of building that one, 
better-then-all-the-rest, Golden MOO. Trust me, I'm on of them. :)

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