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Re: FUP and LAG

>"Edward L. Haletky" < (none)> wrote:
>>Just a quick note to let you all know that FUP is BAD. We thought it could
>>be very useful but it ended up costing us nearly a diskdrive, a few machine
>>crashes, and huge amount of lag when being accessed.
>>So we ripped it out this AM. Only thing FUP'd now is our Help.
>Hmm... both IdMOO and PMC-MOO make heavy use of FUP.  I know that
>we at Id have had no problems and I don't believe PMC does either.

Hmm, my new moo (Sea Wolves) uses FUP a lot as well.  Maybe its your
machines?  mine's a sparc10 (128 mgs of ram, moo runs on a 300 SCSI-1
drive), and I believe River is on a sparc20.

Cheers in the over-hyped space of cyber,
-wc/Mitch, possesion of Jill Jeanblanc.


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