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Re: FUP and LAG

"Edward L. Haletky" < (none)> wrote:
> Hello,
> Just a quick note to let you all know that FUP is BAD. We thought it could
> be very useful but it ended up costing us nearly a diskdrive, a few machine
> crashes, and huge amount of lag when being accessed.
> So we ripped it out this AM. Only thing FUP'd now is our Help.

Er, ah....Ed, FUP has been used extensively and successfully by quite a few
MOOs for the past couple years or so. If you're having a problem with FUP
the onus is on you to bring the problem to this group with an appropriate
description of your system, size of MOO, experience, etc. At this stage saying
"FUP is BAD" sounds a lot like "THE SKY IS FALLING."

Your motives for warning us were obviously well intentioned.  Perhaps a more
objective discussion could save you some database bloat which FUP can
definitely help prevent.

Thank you for your concerns.

John (aka Watson Crick - BioMOO Wizard)
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