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Re: Future of MOO?

I thought I'd use this opportunity to get my 2 cents in here.

Although I will not respond to the technical aspects of this question, I
will say that MOO has a future in the business world. My company, MetaPlay
uses a Pueblo enhanced MOO to do live performances and we plan on
continuing to do it for quite a while.

The MOO we use has even gotten a little press attention in  this month's
Home PC magazine in an article right along side the Palace and Microsoft's
V-Chat (no flames about how much better MOO is than those please.) My
intention here is to point out that MOO's flexibility has allowed us to do
some very creative things, and that this freedom is something I've not seen

Argle on 02/27/97 03:04:25 PM

cc:    (bcc: Matt Dominiani/Openet Inc.)
Subject:  Future of MOO?

So, I have a few MOOs I run, or would like to run again, etc., and am
wondering if there's any future in MOO - i.e., will there ever be a
diskbased version (and I don't mean FUP either), and will it ever offer
multiple inheritance?

Or is MOO dead now and I oughta look at something else?

I've been considering Cold, but the lack of docu and the apparent
instability are troubling.

Are there any other good options for MU* servers, that have a powerful
in-MU* programming language, and are diskbased and fast?

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks,

  /\  Jackie Hamilton (
 /()\  Webmaster, Steve Jackson Games

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