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Re: Future of MOO?

> I think what jackie may have meant (just guessing here) is that it would 
> be a lot easier to convince people to move towards Cold if they could 
> read more documentation and know what they were getting themselves into.

There's quite a bit on the ColdC language itself, on the web pages.
ColdCore does need a lot of more documentation, but it's being worked
on :). Writing help files in Cold that work both on-screen and
through a web interface is fairly easy.  I wrote a small introduction
to starting with ColdCore a long time ago, and don't mind suggestions/

I use both MOOs and Cold, and find uses for both. I think
that Cold is looking far ahead, to the problems that will be faced
in a hypertext environment, and takes a long-term view of expanding
what a virtual environment is capable of... it's also a prettier language.

In terms of the future of MOO, I'm afraid that it'll splinter soon
if a minor update doesn't appear (such as 1.8.0p6). And if the
'verbed properties' camp is one of those splits, who
knows what might resort (insert lots of smilies for humor).

For a bit of a personal announcement, I'd like to invite people
over to Dreamwheels MOO, an Urban Fantasy roleplaying environment
with an emphasis on storytelling, including workshops/discussions
on writing. It's been in development for a year and a half now...
we're working on developing a 'history' and myths for the city...
help would be welcome. It's a 9000.
I'll leave news of the Cold world for a different list. :).



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