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Re: Future of MOO?

> As far as documentation--everything takes time and this is a non-profit
> project.  You can see the most current version of everything as I work on
> it at:
I think what jackie may have meant (just guessing here) is that it would 
be a lot easier to convince people to move towards Cold if they could 
read more documentation and know what they were getting themselves into.

Constantly posting Cold's wonders and marvels to the moo-cows list if 
fine and good, but unless the person running the thing has something to 
go on with which to harness such features, Cold is nothing more than a 
useless program.  And the only way to get the functionality of it would 
be to either have you or someone on the project teach it, or get some 
good documentation for it (non-profit project or no) .. perhaps one of 
the corporations that use the free software so successfully might deign 
to give something back to it by preparing docs on how to actually use it.


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