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really stupid newbie question

hey folks,

    Thanks for your previous answers. That troublesome CS prof has 
quieted down, thanks to you. Now for some even dumber questions.

I got the new memory installed... so I'm now running on a p5-75
with 24 meg of memory. But I'm having some problems. The help files
are incomplete. The room names and their numbers are not associated
(I can type @go #106 and get there, but I can't type @go wiz hangout
and get there, even though it's the same room.) I know I'm an idiot about
these things (I don't even know how to change the welcome message!)
And the network isn't working. Send mail is turned on, but when I make a
character, the password doesn't get mailed. Help!

So the unix wiz told me to ask these questions:

first, some background: the machine is running freeBSD 2.1.0
the Lambda core is 1.7.9p2

1. Should I be running a different core?
2. Is there a better port? (BSD, or what?)
3. what version of the database should I use?

That's what he said to ask. Me, I'm just a poet...



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