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MOO Bulletin Boards...

Hi all.

I was wondering how one goes about constructing bulletin boards on
a MOO.

I have been on several MUD/MOO's where they have a bulletin board
that actually has messages with actual numbers/dates/etc. on the
board.  Then all you do is a 'read board' or such to get a listing
of all the messages, including how many are NEW! Then you do a
'read N' to read the given message.  It seems like this is tied
in somehow with moo-mail, but I am not certain.

I have set up several whiteboards (using notes that are open for anyone
to write to) on the local MOO I am developing, but I am very interested
in setting up boards such as this.  If anyone can point me in the right
direction (or give me an example of how this is done) I would greatly
appreciate it.


Mike Walsh


Product Development Engineer, SDRC

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