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Re: MOO Bulletin Boards...

At 07:52 AM 01/03/96 PST, you wrote:

>I was wondering how one goes about constructing bulletin boards on
>a MOO.
>I have been on several MUD/MOO's where they have a bulletin board
>that actually has messages with actual numbers/dates/etc. on the
>board.  Then all you do is a 'read board' or such to get a listing
>of all the messages, including how many are NEW! Then you do a
>'read N' to read the given message.  It seems like this is tied
>in somehow with moo-mail, but I am not certain.
>I have set up several whiteboards (using notes that are open for anyone
>to write to) on the local MOO I am developing, but I am very interested
>in setting up boards such as this.  If anyone can point me in the right
>direction (or give me an example of how this is done) I would greatly
>appreciate it.

True, this is very nice.  I'm sure you can knock such a beast up with 
an absolute minimum of effort.

Just create an object to be the board itself, and then take those 
whiteboards you mentioned, or else a $note, write on it, and then 
move it inside the board.  ie, move(#note, #board);  Naturally, you 
will want a frontend for the board that will do this for you.

If you want, trap the board:enterfunc, and allow it to capture 
the current date and time to timestamp the message.  You can also 
do such interesting things as this.owner:tell(player:name(), 
" has just posted a new message in ", this:name());

The board.contents will be in insertion order, which is a good thing 
for display purposes.  Remember not to rely on the sequence or 
list length entirely, as you will probably want to recycle very old 
messages, so track the message number elsewhere.

Probably the best method of tracking new messages is by having a 
property on the player, and update the latest msg number in a list. 
Something like { {#board1, 12}, {#board2, 57} } would do the trick.



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