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Re: really stupid newbie question

>A more general system of handling @go would be to use a room database.
>Then, just look up a name in the room database to get the # of the room.
>That's how @go works on BayMOO and many other MOOs.  I don't have the
>actual code with me, so I'm sorry if I can't give an example of how to
>impliment such a thing.  Feel free to stop by BayMOO some time and check
>out the @go verb.

The big problem with this, which I noticed on BayMOO, is that you have
to have a unique name for your room.  This is great for players, but
it can be a pain if you want to make a beach and every variation on
beach has already been taken.  So for a while, I lived in 'not a beach.'
You could also run into problems if you want to have hallways and the

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