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Re: binary mode

On Sat, 2 Mar 1996, Joe Shaw wrote:

> Has anyone out there got Lambda happy in binary mode? I'd like to use it 
> for color on my MOO, but I'm unclear on how the server/db parses it. Has 
> anyone else done it yet, and how?
Version 2.2 of my ANSI system will be optimized for use under 1.8.0 (and in
fact will require it).  It uses binary mode for the escape and beep
characters eliminating the need for storing those characters in properties. 
It also uses scattering assignments for all the verbs, and I'm hoping to get
all the verbs +d in case whoever takes over for Pavel decides to get rid of
the debug bit.  I'm not really sure when I will release 2.2 but it
definately won't be before the final 1.8.0 release.

                                                          -- Dark_Owl

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