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Re: binary mode

> On Sat, 2 Mar 1996, Joe Shaw wrote:
> > Has anyone out there got Lambda happy in binary mode? I'd like to use it 
> > for color on my MOO, but I'm unclear on how the server/db parses it. Has 
> > anyone else done it yet, and how?
> > 
> Version 2.2 of my ANSI system will be optimized for use under 1.8.0 (and in
> fact will require it).  It uses binary mode for the escape and beep
> characters eliminating the need for storing those characters in properties.
>  It also uses scattering assignments for all the verbs, and I'm hoping to
> get all the verbs +d in case whoever takes over for Pavel decides to get rid
> of the debug bit.  I'm not really sure when I will release 2.2 but it
> definately won't be before the final 1.8.0 release.
>                                                           -- Dark_Owl

I'm using ANSI 2.1 on my 12/95 LambdaCore based MOO with 1.8.0 beta 3 with
great success. Kudos to you Dark_Owl! It was a breezy install and is easy to
use. I look forward to seeing 2.2 and hopefully a similarly smooth upgrade.



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