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Distributing the database

> > I would want to be part of such a list, as my interests lie in 
> > intelligently distributing the load of a MOO database across a number of
> > processors/machines. Seperate lists enable more discussions with greater
> > focus.

> Ewwwww.

> At LEAST disk-base it first.  Something even Pavel can't seem to do.

Are you sure this is a priority ? With FUP giving you the ability to more 
intelligently page the contents of the database out to disk, do we really 
need a disk-based MOO ?

The ability to arrange the contents and processing of the database across a network 
of machines enables some much more significant use of the MOO system for serious
collaboration work.

> I'd tend to argue that it's time for a new tool when you start talking
> about distributed MOO.

well, that depends on your perspective. I'm all for rapidly reconfigurable 
collaborative systems, and MOO gives us that. I'm not neccessarily talking about
even distribution of the database - just 'logical' distribution. Perhaps a
second, linked MOO, for the kind of collaborative Web server E_MOO seems to be...
Believe me, the thought of even distribution of the database, a la CORBA, 
makes me shudder.

> Java doesn't lend itself well...there are a few other like languages that
> do, however.

Again, you need to qualify that statement. I agree Java is no good for server work, but
for the user interfaces of distibuted MOO objects, it has a lot of plusses.
Small bytecode size, OO nature, and comms ability (security bug notwithstanding)
all make it quite interesting, I think.

Out of interest, what other languages did you have in mind - I'm at an early 
stage with the development of this, and any alternatives are still being considered..

> And then there's my project; something similar but tangential.

I haven't heard your project discussed yet - I'm new to this list, as I said..
So, do tell - by email if the rest have heard it all before ;o)

Please understand, I may be argumentative, but I'm not flaming - I'd be very 
interested in feedback on this...

Mike Houghton
Department of Computer Science
University of Reading

(already at the 'it's my baby and it's beautiful' stage ;o)

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