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Re: Distributing the database

At 03:58 AM 3/4/96 PST, wrote:
>> > I would want to be part of such a list, as my interests lie in 
>> > intelligently distributing the load of a MOO database across a number of
>> > processors/machines. Seperate lists enable more discussions with greater
>> > focus.
>> Ewwwww.
>> At LEAST disk-base it first.  Something even Pavel can't seem to do.
>Are you sure this is a priority ? With FUP giving you the ability to more 
>intelligently page the contents of the database out to disk, do we really 
>need a disk-based MOO ?

The Paradigm Database handles both 98% transparent distributing and 100%
transparent disk swapping.

The 1% distribution problem is that objects aren't auto-ported at the
moment, and you have to enter your password the first time you step from one
moo to the other.  From then on, your password is sent encrypted from moo to
moo.  Logging into remote moos via distribution is actually more secure than
the normal login.

The other 1% is a little binary problem.  Everything is sent via binary (so
remote prompts still work), but for some reason, after each command, an
EXTRA carraige return is sent, or recieved, or interpreted, or something.  I
have no idea why.  Perhaps the remote MOO is sending CR+LF and the receiving
MOO is interpreting both the CR and LF as CR's?  Any way I could fix this?

I MAY and I MAY NOT make auto-porting of a player's inventory.  It depends
on how portable I think things will be to different databases.

- Kipp
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