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Re: Server logs, and more.

At 11:24 4/3/96, Kirrily Robert wrote:
>On some MOO I was on (I forget where - possibly River?), I saw a *qooc
>posted by a wizard who was obviously getting the server log output
>sent to him/her in-moo.  That is, connections, failed connections,
>checkpoints etc would all have been appearing on-screen in real time.
>Anyone know how this was done?  I'm running LPMOO 1.2 with an October
>94 LambdaCore btw.  The main reason I'm interested is so that I can
>monitor failed connections and checkpoints and suchlike - successfull
>connections are no problem :)

Failed connections are handled in-db in lambdacore, and if you wan't to
monitor that, just change the code of #10:connect (that's where the
serverlogs happen).
The checkpoint-started (finished) call #0:checkpoint_started (resp
finished) wher starting (finishing) the dump. (I became aware of that
function when i worked through the whole Changelog =). I believe
checkpoint_finished only returns 1, when the checkpoint succeeded, but i'm
not sure.



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