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Re: salvaging a previous checkpoint

At 03:14 PM 28/02/96 PST, you wrote:
>Kim Silk-Copeland writes:
>> and now I get a login error when I try to connect, and I disconnect with
>> the welcome screen still there. The current dump.db contains the error,
>> and the dump#xxx#.db also contains the error. My last unspoiled version
>> of the db is from weeks ago, and much work is lost if I revert to that 
>> one. Any hints??
>I have the sysadmins around here back up the relevant file system every night
>onto tape and save those tapes for several weeks, so that I can always get back
>fairly recent data in case of problems.

Another good thing is a crontab job which makes a rotating gzipped copy of 
the db.  I shuffle from mud.db.0.gz through to mud.db.9.gz.  When pumping in 
a new copy, the .9 file drops off and get's lost, which is a good thing if 
you have a large db.

You will want to remember to use nice when doing the gzip to avoid lag.



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