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Hi all.
Im new at this list...
We are installing a new moo-server, it is up since last month.
Now we have the big doubts...
They are concerning security. We want to allow only to do some kind of things 
that are "physically" correct, not allowong to teleport, change player names 
This is to make it playable, with some kid of rules but freedom to interact.
Also we are using a "monetary system" and some kind of player caracteristics 
like experience, stamina, drunk degree...
But we are almost new at this.
The first big doubt we have is:
In LambdaMOO programmers manual says that only wizards can change player 
names and objects owners... this is not true in our moo... people changes his 
names using @rename, @set etc... and they can change parents of 
their objects (in fact they can become builders...)

Now players owners are themselves, is this correct?

Another one:
Should I change the f bit of #1 to off and propagate to childs?

We want to control our moo, but now we have more than 100 users and we are 
realizing that we are not ready at all...

If this are very basic question please send me to a FAQ
Thanks and greetings

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