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Re: Prompts

>There are still a few problems with this method of displaying prompts.  What
>if a command suspends, but does not notify the player after the suspend?
> a spell, it would be casted, suspend, wear off, and might not tell
>the player it has worn off, but the suspend finished.  They get an extra
>prompt... bad.
>- Kipp
Hmmmm.... what about a while loop that watches for the task to finish? 
:do_command uses the same task ID as the command, doesn't it?  And if it's
a LONG suspender, it will send a prompt but maintain a watch on the task
so that when it ends, it will still send another prompt.
Also, what about a prompt on :notify?  I know, it's not very good... but
what I did (which isn't good for large MOOs, but it works) is to have a
fork(1), saving the forked ID in a prop which a notify, called within the
1-second gap, would kill the old task and redo a fork(1).

Any more ideas?

- Wisquatuk - AnonyMOO/MOOnShine wizard, and archwiz of TimeWarp MOO
( 7777).

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