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Re: Unusual upgrade log messages...

--- Ron Stanions wrote:
>I've seen these once or twice during other tests and didn't pay them any mind,
then realized
>waitasec, break, try, continue, aren't keywords that belong to 1.7.9...

No, but they belong to 1.8.0.  They were probably variable/prop/verb names that
were occupying
reserved words that 1.8.0 wanted.  They were renamed to something innocuous.

>Now, if you @list these verbs, every one of them is one line less than the
line number shown
>above.  (EG:  #20:explode is a 17-line verb).  This seems to be a totally
harmless thing, but I don't
>remember seeing notes anywhere that during upgrading you may see messages like

I would imagine that the line number confusion is similar to what you get if
you forget an 'endif'
unless it picks it up by hitting an endwhile, endfor, etc, it will show up as
an error on the line
number that is 1 more than the length of the verb.

if (flame)
   return "I haven't actually upgraded a DB, so I'm only guessing, but it seems
to make sense, no?";


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