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RE: Unusual upgrade log messages...

From:  Jefferson M. Dubrule[]

--- Ron Stanions wrote:
>I've seen these once or twice during other tests and didn't pay them any mind,
then realized
>waitasec, break, try, continue, aren't keywords that belong to 1.7.9...

No, but they belong to 1.8.0.  They were probably variable/prop/verb names that
were occupying
reserved words that 1.8.0 wanted.  They were renamed to something innocuous.

Indeed, I looked through the verbs again and lo and behold the keywords mentioned are being used as variable names.  However, taking #20:explode as an example, it used the word 'break' on lines 5, 7, 9, and 12, and renamed them to break_.  The confusion was that it mentioned this as a warning on line 18.


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