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Re: Panic with 1.7.9p2

>Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 21:05:08 PST
>Subject: Re: Panic with 1.7.9p2
>In-Reply-to: "Your message of \"Wed, 06 Mar 96 17:48:53 PST.\"
>             <>, 6 Mar"
>To: Pavel Curtis <>
>cc: Amy Bruckman <>,,
>  ;#2:crash({"foo"})
>  *** Shutting down: server panic ***
>This is again on a Dec Alpha running OSF/1 V3.2A. 
>The scary thing is, I didn't even need to suspend!
>Trying this on a Sun SparcStation IPC running SunOs 4.1.3, even with a
>suspend before and after, the task just runs out of seconds.
>So the problem is: anyone can easily crash any MOO running on a fast enough

This is why max_seconds is adjustable... try doing a binary search for a 
max_seconds value that won't crash the MOO... yes, this involves crashing
a test MOO a lot, but *shrug*.  You know the current value won't work, so 
halve it, etc. until you find a value that "secondses out" before crashing.
Hrm.  Come to think of it though, you could be doing multiple-multiple-multiple 
list concats per turn... but that just raises the value of the base, which
is a much smaller change than the exponent... given that, you might be able
to cause the same crash on a Sun by doing something like
;#2:crash({"foo"}); and
crash being:
return #2:crash({@args, @args, @args, @args, @args ... });
Hope this helps...



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