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Re: [SERVER] 1.8.0beta3 stuff

>Concerning FUP, I had one compliation problem and numerous installation
<stuff deleted>
>Lines 367 and 492 of files.c look like this:
>       case TYPE_FLOAT:
>--->     fprintf (outFile, "%g\n",  arglist.v.list[3].v.list[i].v.fnum);
>         break;
>But should look like this:
>       case TYPE_FLOAT:
>--->     fprintf (outFile, "%g\n",  *(arglist.v.list[3].v.list[i].v.fnum));
>         break;
>Digging deeper into the server showed that all manlipuations of floats are
>done via pointers, so this is a correct fix, since 1) every other bit of
>code concerning floats works like that 2) it actually works.

This is correct. I just fixed it in the FUP-for-1.8.0 file in bioinfo.

>This should clear up the bug that I was told about concerning FUP not
>writing out floats correctly.

You know, it would be very cool if people told us first of problems with
FUP. Our email addresses are there in the files. There is a mailing list
devoted to it. But I guess it's too much trouble to drop a line. Others
might benefit from it - too much of a risk.

>I don't know why this wasn't caught.

Because we're just too dumb, ya know. And because we did it in a rush,
because we're just too damn busy, but people were asking for a
1.8.0-compatible version of FUP.

>This still doesn't clear up the precision of floats written to disk,
>however.  Values of type float are only written with a precision of 5
>decimal places.  I've always been tostr()ing data before writing it out to
>disk anyway7.
>Other problems with installing FUP 1.8, these appear in FUP.README
<list of stuff>

Okay, I fixed the instructions, except for:

>- definitions for version strings have been moved around, version.h needs an
>  extern reference and version.c gets the actual string.

I'm not sure what you mean by this, and I just don't have time to look into it.

>This all would be much easier to install if diffs were provided.

But they're not. Cope with it.

And in case someone needs a reality check, please:
 - re-read the disclaimer in the FUP.README file,
 - keep in mind how much we are being paid for this, and
 - keep in mind how much you are paying for this.

Have a nice day.

Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888

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