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[SERVER] 1.8.0beta3 stuff

Well, I finally got FUP 1.8 installed in 1.8b3, thus E_MOO is now running
Concerning LambdaMOO 1.8.0beta3:

The thing I've noticed is that it runs about 125% larger than 1.7.9 did.
1.7.9 started with a process size of ~10megs, and over a month, grew to ~13.
1.8b3 started up at 14megs.  I'm not really worrying about it, since
everything seems to be operating fine, but I was wondering if anyone else
had made this observation, and if it's to be expected.

Concerning FUP, I had one compliation problem and numerous installation

files.c: In function `bf_filewrite':
files.c:367: warning: double format, pointer arg (arg 3)
files.c: In function `bf_fileappend':
files.c:492: warning: double format, pointer arg (arg 3)
  DUH!, TYPE_FLOAT is a pointer to a float, in order to make up for the fact
that different systems have different size floats (I assume). 
 I changed the above lines to dereference the pointer to get to the REAL
value, instead of interpreting the pointer as a float, as the above line
does.  Seems weird that this is the case, since this, seemingly, would make
the binary more portable, which is of dubious utility.  Who knows.  I'm not
questioning the implementation of memory storage/handling in the server.

Lines 367 and 492 of files.c look like this:
       case TYPE_FLOAT:
--->     fprintf (outFile, "%g\n",  arglist.v.list[3].v.list[i].v.fnum);

But should look like this:

       case TYPE_FLOAT:
--->     fprintf (outFile, "%g\n",  *(arglist.v.list[3].v.list[i].v.fnum));

Digging deeper into the server showed that all manlipuations of floats are
done via pointers, so this is a correct fix, since 1) every other bit of
code concerning floats works like that 2) it actually works.
This should clear up the bug that I was told about concerning FUP not
writing out floats correctly.  I don't know why this wasn't caught.
This still doesn't clear up the precision of floats written to disk,
however.  Values of type float are only written with a precision of 5
decimal places.  I've always been tostr()ing data before writing it out to
disk anyway7.

Other problems with installing FUP 1.8, these appear in FUP.README

- the lines you are susposed to add to, execute.po doesn't exist,
  there is no section for .po files in 1.8 apparently.
- the line to add telling what files.c depends on to includes
  bytecodes.h, 1) from which files.c uses no structures, 2) doesn't exist in
- the line to add to server.c to tell of the existance of FUP in the log file
  uses the log() function, which has been renamed to oklog() in 1.8
- definitions for version strings have been moved around, version.h needs an
  extern reference and version.c gets the actual string.

This all would be much easier to install if diffs were provided.

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