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Floating pt error on NeXT

	Compiling 1.8b3 on NeXTstep worked fine. However, running
	the executable produces a snag: "Floating point exception"
	I know, I know. "Nextstep, what the?!" But it's a real
	idle machine and would be the only place to practice on.

	Tracing it down using gdb showed, the error comes from
	malloc() in storage.c:

void *	 
mymalloc(unsigned size, Memory_Type type)
    void       *memptr;
    char	msg[100];

    if (size == 0)		/* For queasy systems */
	size = 1;

>>    memptr = (void *) malloc(size
>> #ifdef FIND_LEAKS
>>		             + 8
>> #endif
>>		             );
    if (!memptr) {
	sprintf(msg, "memory allocation (size %u) failed!", size);

    *((int *) memptr) = type;

	Has anyone had similar problems?

	Much appreciated,


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