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Re: Floating pt error on NeXT

Hank Hughes writes:
> 	Compiling 1.8b3 on NeXTstep worked fine. However, running
> 	the executable produces a snag: "Floating point exception"
> 	I know, I know. "Nextstep, what the?!" But it's a real
> 	idle machine and would be the only place to practice on.
> 	Tracing it down using gdb showed, the error comes from
> 	malloc() in storage.c:

This is a *very* unlikely place to have generated this signal.  I suspect
either some truly nasty bug in NeXTstep, some kind of memory smash that's later
confusing GDB, or a misreading of the GDB output.  I don't know what I can do
about it if it only crashes on NeXTstep and the debugger is lying to us about
where it's going wrong...



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