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Re: Ansi Escape codes

On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, John Moser wrote:

> I've been playing around with DarkOwl's Ansi_Utils stuff, trying to 
> figure out if it's possible to send a screen clearing code, and I have 
> yet to find one.  Anyone out there know of a code to read using FUP that 
> will clear a player's screen when the code is sent to them using 
> player:notify('code') with the Ansi_utils?

There is an ANSI code for this, however I chose not to include it in my ANSI
system because of the problems giving this ability to ordinary users would
cause.  If you really want to add it as a normal code, try something like:
  ;$ansi_utils:add_code("clear", "e<ANSI screen clearing code>", "misc")
(sorry, I don't remember the code right now, but if I remember correctly
it has a J in it somewhere :)

I may concider adding a utility very to allow wizards to clear a users
screen in 2.2, but I haven't decided yet.  If anyone else has any suggestions
on ANSI codes to add, feel free to send them... (I already have colors,
underlining, blinking, bold, and, although it isn't really ANSI, beeping).



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