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Re: Ansi Escape codes

>On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, John Moser wrote:
>> I've been playing around with DarkOwl's Ansi_Utils stuff, trying to 
>> figure out if it's possible to send a screen clearing code, and I have 
>> yet to find one.  Anyone out there know of a code to read using FUP that 
>> will clear a player's screen when the code is sent to them using 
>> player:notify('code') with the Ansi_utils?
>There is an ANSI code for this, however I chose not to include it in my ANSI
>system because of the problems giving this ability to ordinary users would
>cause.  If you really want to add it as a normal code, try something like:
>  ;$ansi_utils:add_code("clear", "e<ANSI screen clearing code>", "misc")
>(sorry, I don't remember the code right now, but if I remember correctly
>it has a J in it somewhere :)

The ANSI code for clearing the screen is escape + "[2j", although some
clients don't seem to like it. It doesn't work for me in TinyFugue unless I
/set emulation raw and that's generally not a good idea.
If you have dos you can check out the codes for ansi by typing 'help
ansi.sys' at a dos prompt.

>I may concider adding a utility very to allow wizards to clear a users
>screen in 2.2, but I haven't decided yet.  If anyone else has any suggestions
>on ANSI codes to add, feel free to send them... (I already have colors,
>underlining, blinking, bold, and, although it isn't really ANSI, beeping).
>                                                              --Dark_Owl
How about adding backgrounds so I don't have to keep adding it in myself, eh?


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