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Re: Property Permissions

At 11:44 AM 3/8/96 PST, you wrote:
>At 08:35 AM 3/8/96 PST, you wrote:
>>What is OpalCore like? Does it have some of the RPG stuff they did built
>>in? Does it have as many commands as the lambdacore? Are the commands as
>These are questions you pretty much have to answer yourself by actually
>using the database. :)  It is LambdaCore based, isn't it, Seth?
>There are a number of projects currently in the works to make an RPG/VR
>setup in MOO, in fact, we are working on one on E_MOO (but it's hardly out
>of the design stage).  I know Kipp has an RPG core, altho I have not looked
>at it.
>Comma comma down dooby doo down down,
>  Andy
ToryMOO is now also working on a new RPG core, and is closing its doors to
users for a time, to finish up the core.  Our Core is based off of a Lambda,
with the RPG killing commands pulled out.  some of the stuff we have
implemented so far are:

MSL - Magic Scripting Language
   This is an interpretted script, that allows you to make triggers,spells,
curses, traps, etc on the fly, which works with almost any object type.

Languages - Allows the MOO to have different languages for different people.
People casn learn many different languages, and some languages may only be
written form, or spoken form, some don't even need hearing to udnerstand, etc..

Stats - All stats can be picked by the wizards, and their min-max is
changeable.  All internal core code works off the stats you generate, and
pointers to certain stats of your choice.

Skills - A percentile skills system is built in, with skills being separate
objects you can work on, before adding them or updating them. You can set
prerequisites, cost of training, appropriate stat, etc for each skill.
Skills can be added on the fly.

Coordinate boat/space/etc system - Fuly functional with several nice
features that allow mobs to work the same on land as in the coord rooms.

OF course, too many to mentions are combat system, nice NPCs, Cprogrammable
channels, building blueprints, race descriptions, etc...

This is just the stuff done so far, and though it isn't complete, we welcoe
visitors to take a look.

If interested, reply...

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