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RE: Problem w/1.8.0, beta 3 (fwd)

I ran into a few problems like this, particularly around the editor, but mine centered around the #49:ok function.  It was because of the new inclusion of builtin functions into the callers() list.  some things in the @editor functions look to see if the current verb was called from a specific position within the caller() stack, which gets messed up when pass() is included into the callers() list. 

From:  Chris Jones[]
Sent:  Friday, March 08, 1996 6:36 PM
To:  moo-cows
Subject:  Problem w/1.8.0, beta 3 (fwd)

	Hi.  When I tried upgrading my DB to v. 1.8.0b3, [from 1.7.9p2], 
I ran into the following problem:

	#58:verbname_match, line 2: type Mismatch
	... called from #58:find_verb_named, line 11
	... called from #48:parse_invoke, line 24
	... called from #49:invoke [this == #48], line 57
	... called from #6:@edit [this == #2], line 6

	Can anyone help?
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