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RE: Problem w/1.8.0, beta 3 (fwd)

I rewrote the verb above it not to pass() but to handle what pass()ing 
would have done instead.  I don't remember the particular function that
bit me but it was actually using @mail and upon typing send that I got my

From:  Philippe Mesritz[]
Sent:  Friday, March 08, 1996 11:26 PM
To:  Ron Stanions
Subject:  RE: Problem w/1.8.0, beta 3 (fwd)

>I ran into a few problems like this, particularly around the editor, but =
>mine centered around the #49:ok function.  It was because of the new =
>inclusion of builtin functions into the callers() list.  some things in =
>the @editor functions look to see if the current verb was called from a =
>specific position within the caller() stack, which gets messed up when =
>pass() is included into the callers() list.=20

    How'd you fix the callers() list problem?


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