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Date: Sat, 9 Mar 1996 11:42:14 -0500 (EST)
From: Stephen Sayer <>
To: Joe Shaw <>
Subject: Re: [NEWBIE] Info

> With the recent flood of apparently newbie questions, I would like to 
> point the new members of our happy family to the following sources of 
> information:
> First and foremost, you should read the LambdaMOO programmers guide. If 
> you're thinking of running a MOO, you've gotta read this. You can get it 
> (updated for version 1.7.9p2) at Its in all 
> sorts of formats.
> Second, read the MOO-cows FAQ. Its on the web exclusivly now. I don't 
> remember the URL (sorry), but it was just posted here a few days ago. The 
> URL is posted every month or if it changes.
> Third, check out the MOO-cows archives. The WWW edition isn't entirely up 
> to date, but its cross indexed and searchable from Alta Vista. The URL is 
> The plain text versions are 
> available from
> Personally, I have always considered this list for MOO administrators who 
> are hacking the server, looking to do a rather complex job, etc., and not 
> a "How do I program in MOO" list. The best MOO to go to to learn how to 
> program is LambdaMOO ( 8888), but the best way to 
> learn IMO is to set up your own and play.
> I don't mean to be rude by this message, but it seems that of late, a 
> disturbing amount of mail on basic topics has flooded my mailbox, and I 
> thought that this message might be the best pointer for the newbies.
> Joe

There is another newbie resource that we should point out since you brought it
up and that's the moo-calves group. Subscription to the mailing list can be
achieved by sending 'subscribe moo-calves' in the body of a message to and the home page can be hit at

The moo-calves group has been meeting online about once a month.

It's obviously not just for newbies... experienced programmers, wizards and
arch-wizards are needed to address newbie questions. Those who wish to
contribute to or benefit from this effort should certainly feel welcome to



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