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[SERVER/DB] Monitoring (was Re: Server logs, and more.)

At 02:24 PM 3/4/96 PST, you wrote:
>Anyone know how this was done?  I'm running LPMOO 1.2 with an October
>94 LambdaCore btw.  The main reason I'm interested is so that I can
>monitor failed connections and checkpoints and suchlike - successfull
>connections are no problem :)

No need to read the server log to find out that information.

(Failed) connections can be caught in $sys:do_login_command() or, it would be
  better if they were caught in the login stack on $login.
Checkpoints can be caught in $sys:checkpoint_started() and

There is a bunch of other stuff also, but these two are the most common to
watch for.  Check the latest version of the programmer's manual to find out


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