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Re: [NEWBIE] Info

On Sat, 9 Mar 1996, Joe Shaw wrote:
> With the recent flood of apparently newbie questions, I would like to 
> point the new members of our happy family to the following sources of 
> information:
> First and foremost, you should read the LambdaMOO programmers guide. If 
> you're thinking of running a MOO, you've gotta read this. You can get it 
> (updated for version 1.7.9p2) at Its in all 
> sorts of formats.

If you're new to MOOing, you should also read the ChangeLog.txt that 
accompanies the MOO server source code for additional changes since 1.7.9p2.
In particular, this covers the changes to verbnames which have been the 
source of a dozen or so posts in recent days...

Best wishes,


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