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With the recent flood of apparently newbie questions, I would like to 
point the new members of our happy family to the following sources of 

First and foremost, you should read the LambdaMOO programmers guide. If 
you're thinking of running a MOO, you've gotta read this. You can get it 
(updated for version 1.7.9p2) at Its in all 
sorts of formats.

Second, read the MOO-cows FAQ. Its on the web exclusivly now. I don't 
remember the URL (sorry), but it was just posted here a few days ago. The 
URL is posted every month or if it changes.

Third, check out the MOO-cows archives. The WWW edition isn't entirely up 
to date, but its cross indexed and searchable from Alta Vista. The URL is The plain text versions are 
available from

Personally, I have always considered this list for MOO administrators who 
are hacking the server, looking to do a rather complex job, etc., and not 
a "How do I program in MOO" list. The best MOO to go to to learn how to 
program is LambdaMOO ( 8888), but the best way to 
learn IMO is to set up your own and play.

I don't mean to be rude by this message, but it seems that of late, a 
disturbing amount of mail on basic topics has flooded my mailbox, and I 
thought that this message might be the best pointer for the newbies.



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