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Re: MooThemes

Kipp the Kidd wrote:

> Most users say that my MOO core is set up like a Diku... so you know.  Get a
> clue, visit my MOO.  It's sort of publicly available.  Mail me and ask for
> it, and I'll give it to you :)  When I get a /working/ ftp site, and the
> core is less suicidal to newbies, you can go ftp it :)

My ftp site has always available for the MOO community for any
interesting db, MOO objects, external bots, and win95/NT ports 
of the server.

If anyone is interested, they can send mail to  
I will tell you where to put it.  But remember this, I pay for
the storage, so don't go nuts.


maddog's studio
Frank Crowell


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