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Re: MooThemes

Hans Friedrich wrote:
> Are there any good FTP sites dealing with Moo Themes or Moo RPG systems?

I wouldn't look at MOOs as a good source of RPG material; look
at MUSH/MUSE instead.  They have developed several major themes
and some of those muds have been around for a few years.
Except for GodNet, I haven't seen any MOO lead in a RPG theme.

I also know of several hack-and-slash MOO attempts but I haven't
seen any publicly available database that would allow someone
to create an LP/Diku equivalent.  Actually, I don't even
think there are any publicly available RPG themed databases such
as Pern, White Wolf, BattleTech, Heros, StarTrek, blah-blah.

maddog's studio
Frank Crowell


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