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Re: To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

On Sun, 10 Mar 1996, Amy Bruckman wrote:

> Congrats Pavel on finishing 1.8.0!  A few questions:

Heartily seconded!

> Are there any disadvantages to upgrading to 1.8.0?

If you backup your db (see below), upgrade and then a lot of building 
goes into the db on the upgraded server that is server specific, chances 
are you're not going to have an easy time backing out of the upgrade.  So 
backwards compatibility is certainly a disadvantage.

> How does the performance compare?

Overall, better.  Check the ChangeLog.txt for specific bug fixes and 
additions that increase performance.

> Certainly all the cool new features are good reasons to upgrade.  
> But setting those aside, are there any important reasons to upgrade?

Since setting aside all the cool new features and bug fixes leaves you 
with 1.7.9, no, there are no important reasons to upgrade.

> Any compelling reasons not to upgrade?

1. You don't like to try new things
2. You don't like 'all the cool new features'
3. You don't see the point in upgrading when the older version you now 
   use works just fine

> If you upgrade and have a problem with it for some reason, is it
> possible to downgrade?

I don't think I would ever upgrade a server without first making a backup 
of my database and then running with the new server for a while before 
deciding to remove the old server backup.  But if for some reason you do, 
see above.

> Thanks for your help.
> -- Amy

Generally, I don't see any reason _not_ to upgrade to the new version of 
MOO.  Additions and fixes make it a fine server (damn fine server, 
Pavel!).  I can certainly understand caution, but care and attention 
should provide you with a backout plan should the need arise.

 - tonyk

*-* Tony Knopes
*-* Core hack/Server admin, Pandemonium and others
*-* Arch-wizard? Bwah ha ha


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