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Re: To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

Amy Bruckman writes:
> Are there any disadvantages to upgrading to 1.8.0?

Sure; it has been used far less than 1.7.9p2 (in spite of my urgings in the
1.8.0beta3 release message...), so it's likely to be somewhat less stable.

> How does the performance compare?

It's probably pretty much the same.

> But setting those aside, are there any important reasons to upgrade?

Yes; I won't be responding to any bug reports in 1.7.9p2 any more...

> Any compelling reasons not to upgrade?

See above.

> If you upgrade and have a problem with it for some reason, is it
> possible to downgrade?

Not while using a DB file written by 1.8.0.



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