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Re: Newbies

On Sun, 10 Mar 1996, Seth I. Rich wrote:
> I think this underscores even more the need for supportive, LambdaCore-
> based environments for people to learn programming, before they get the
> .wizard bit and have the potential to break everything.  (One's first
> UNIX account should never be root. :-)
> I don't have the resources to run yet another MOO, but I would be willing
> to help -- in my very limited free time -- set up a free-progbit LambdaCore-
> based MOO for people to cut their teeth.  (Plus it would stop me from screaming
> "RTFM DAMN IT" over and over and disturbing my neighbors.)
> Seth

Amen, sir! (No pun intended.) How'd you like to come visit me on my 
max_object()<400 Lambda-core-95 1.7.9p2, FUP 1.8, ANSI MOO? Would this be 
usuable? :) 7777


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