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Re: RPG stuff

>How can I have a check running on every player that is checking to see
>whether there health is 0 and they should be dead? I am not sure how you
>get something to check the status of a property every few seconds or
Bad Thing Alert.
This is really not something you want to do. This is horribly inefficient;
it would slow the server considerably for no reason, forcing it to check
the .health property of a few (hundred? tens of?) players every few
It would be much better to prevent anything or anyone changing the .health
property, but to write a verb that can change it (doing the required perms
checks of course).
This verb can then check whether the health <= 0 when it is being changed,
not every few seconds or whatever.

P.S. In the interests of reducing traffic on this list and preserving the
sanity of its subscribees, I invite you to send your queries to me in
future, and not to MOO-cows. I'm sure I can answer most of your questions,
and anything I can't answer, I can probably tell you who to ask (which may,
indeed, turn out to be MOO-cows :) )
I hope this helps you.

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