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Subject: CALL for participation: VEs and the WWW workshop (WWW96 in Paris)

*** Virtual Environments and the WWW ***

A full-day work shop at the Fifth International World Wide Web Conference,
May 6-10, 1996 - Paris (

The focus of this workshop is the emerging technologies associated with
combining Virtual Environments (VEs) and the WWW. It will look at ways to
improve the structures of webbed VEs, to enhance navigation and collaboration
within them, and examine where research and development in this area should be

More information is here:

(including a pointer to a MOO/WWW based discussion forum for the
 workshop preparation)

- greetings ! - Daniel

PS: PLEASE redistribute in specialized mailing lists, thanx !!

Daniel K.Schneider, TECFA (Educational Technologies and Learning)
Faculte de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education, University of Geneva,
9 route de Drize, 1227 Carouge(Switzerland),
Phone: (..41) 22 705 9694, Fax: (..41) 22 342 89 24

Please, note the change in my e-mail address (
X400: /S=schneide/OU=divsun/O=unige/PRMD=switch/ADMD=400net/C=ch/
www: {tecfa/general/tecfa-people/schneider.html}
MOO: 7777 or (Daniel/Kaspar)

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