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Couple of things...

First, many thanks and congrats to Pavel for getting 1.8.0 into the
offical release stage!

Second, #1234:(2)(); still doesn't work.  Since the use of the new
1-based integer indexing is being encouraged, this should really be in
there for consistency and completeness.

Third, I have a suggestion for the #0:bf_foo() situation to make
everyone happy:

$server_options.protect_foo == 1 : everything behaves as it presently
$server_options.protect_foo == 2 : #0:bf_foo() is called instead for ALL
                                   calls to foo() not on #0, whether
                                   wizardly or not

Depending on the situation, some builtins may be better off overridden
in all cases(for bookkeeping, perhaps), and others only in nonwiz
cases(for security).

Fourth, floating points are just slightly off (see my last post).
In beta3, 1.6 => 1.6; in p1, 1.6 => 1.600000000000004 (or something

And finally, for completeness sake I suggest a tovalue() or fromliteral()
builtin.  If this is non-trivial I'm willing to wait for someone else to
do this or perhaps attempt it myself, but if not I'd be nice to see it
in 1.8.0.

And a few things unrelated to server development...

Anyone know why the server completely freezes when it attempts to open
a network connection but the remote system is lagged or not responding?
Is it just my setup that's doing this, or is this normal?  Any way
around it?

Anyone intrested in holding a conference on taking advantage of the
awesome new enhancements 1.8.0 brings?  I've made a multitude of
modifications to my MOO's core to have it take advantage of scattering
assignments, try-except-endtry, the new #0 verbs, floating point, etc.,
and I'm sure others have too.  It'd be nice to get together and compile
a list of uses for these new features.  I'd also like a chance to share
ideas for the uses of extensions like FUP and DSA.
If anyone is intrested in attending such a gathering, let me know.

   Brian Buchanan
-= ArchWizard of Digital Wasteland MOO ( 8888) =-


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