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RE: Production release 1.8.0 of the LambdaMOO server

At 07:22 PM 3/11/96 PST, Roger Crew wrote:
>(1)  There does exist one builtin function (queued_tasks()) that behaves
>slightly differently depending on whether it is wizard-called or not. 
>This is a mistake from prehistory that has thus far been confined to
>this one function.

I stopped viewing it as returning task info for tasks 'owned' by
caller_perms(), I view it as returning task info for those tasks which
caller_perms() has 'control over', ie. is able to resume() or kill_task() of.

>From the 1.7.6 Programmer's Manul:
> - Function: list queued_tasks ()
>     Returns information on each of the forked, suspended or reading tasks
>     owned by the programmer (or, if the programmer is a wizard, all queued
>     tasks).  The returned value is a list of lists, each of which encodes

The word 'owned' is tricky here.

I'm not sure how it's mentioned in the current programmer's manual, but
perhaps it should be changed to say something along these lines in order to
avoid that confusion.  If you interpret the operation of queued_task() as I
describe above, you won't have any problem with how it works for different
values of it's caller_perms().


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