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RE: Production release 1.8.0 of the LambdaMOO server

>It's true that @forked would now need to have `queued_tasks(player)' in
>place of `queued_tasks()'.  Is it a pain to have to take an extra 2
>seconds to type p-l-a-y-e-r?  Perhaps, but you only have to write that
>verb once; other programmers will be needing to read it and understand
>it potentially many times.  2 seconds of "flexibility" for the person
>writing the verb translates to inconvenience for those who have to use
>and maintain the verb. =20
>Not an amazingly serious problem for queued_tasks(), but it gets bad
>quickly for verbs that have more complicated dependences on

Well, queued_tasks() (NO args) could behave normally... so for wizzen, it
would be all tasks, for non-wizzen, owned tasks... but I think the
optional arg is a good idea.

- Wisquatuk - AnonyMOO/MOOnShine wizard, and archwiz of TimeWarp MOO
( 7777).

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