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@@who and @edit on 1.8.0

Flame away if my two questions are premature or naive, but I'd be grateful
for your help.  I've got 1.8.0 running happily with a db inherited from
1.7.9, except for two things:  @@who doesn't show the player's IP address,
and @edit spams the programmer with the editor's room description when it
moves the player to the room (instead of waiting for "look"). I think the
@edit problem has to do with line 3 of #51:description; I don't even have a
guess about @@who at the moment.  I may have missed something crucial in
ChangeLog.txt.  All I've done is to set
#0.server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings to 1 and reprogram
$string_utils:connection_hostname_bsd according to Pavel's instructions. 

TIA, Wes Cooper
			   Walden Pond MOO 8888
		      The University of Alberta
                      Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA


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